What you eat will have a massive impact on how you look and feel. Exercise will make your heart, bones and muscles stronger, add shape and tone to the body, de-stress you and make you fitter. However, what you eat and drink, will make or break you.

You need to feed the body with the goodness it needs to function properly and to fuel exercise, regardless of the end goal. The two really go hand in hand, but so often, people think they can do one or the other.

Diana Wright has teamed up with JJP Training to provide expert nutritional advise. Diana has been practicing for 19 years as Nutritional Therapist and has a Diploma in Nutritional therapy and is currently completing a Masters in Science and Nutrition. Diana can use the Functional Medical model to identify your imbalances and design a personalised nutrition plan that is unique to your nutritional needs emotionally, physically and biologically so that you can reach your health and wellness goals. To arrange a consultation with Diana, please email